[Artist First & Last Name] was a [Notable / Influential / Controversial] [Time Period] [Painter / Writer / Film maker], famous primarily for [Work X] and to a lesser extent for [Work Y].

Born on [Date 18th / 19th / 20th century] in [Location]. (For earlier births, indicate location unknown and insert unsubstantiated hypothesis based on local oral history).

Attended [School]. Studied to be [Unrelated Profession] at the insistence of [Father / Other Relative or Benefactor] but [Dropped Out Before Graduating / Gave Up Shortly Afterwards].

Decided to become [Painter / Writer / Film maker].

(Omit suffering and/or personal struggles endured while impoverished and/or uncertain of personal creative capacity)

Met and married [First Wife]. (For women : Remained unmarried, childless)

Fathered [Child 1, Child 2].

Produced [Work 1, Work 2, Work 3, …] which were widely unnoticed by critics and the public.

Admirer of [Artist] and [Style].

Founded [Artistic Mouvement] with [Artist 1, Artist 2, …].

Achieved success with [Work X] which was [heralded / decried] by critics as a [masterpiece of the current period / scandalous and baseless work] and that garnered a positive public following.

Abandoned family, divorced [First Wife], married [Second Wife]. Fathered [Chid 3, Child 4].

Continued success with [Work Y].

Divorced [Second Wife]. Married [Third Wife, aged 30 years younger]

Continued working but failed to achieve further success.

Died from [Contagious Disease / Accident] (but not old age) at [Age]. Buried in [Cemetery]. Grave bears [Epitaph].