I love being alive, although there have been some dark periods in my life when I considered suicide. To keep an even mind, I take time to sit down and breathe deeply, so wonderfully simple and yet so beneficial. I am a reformed nicotine addict. I mostly drink tap water, although I do have weaknesses for tea, coffee, beer and wine. I try to stick to food that is organically grown and sold raw in local farmer’s markets. I enjoy a good night’s sleep on a futon matress and almost never remember my dreams. I like to be warm, and if possible I prefer to avoid winter altogether, as those very sensible migratory birds do. I like to be naked, although if I must wear clothes I prefer those made of natural fibres. I particularly enjoy walking in nature, especially next to water, and also swimming in said water. I like climbing cliffs. I like practicing yoga, notably hatha yoga. I like having sex. I like flirting, in search of previous, but also fun in itself. I have had several beautiful love affairs. I think that lingerie is a thing of wonder, but that micro bikinis are even better. It’s a bit unfair that women get to wear all the cool clothes. I am continually stimulated and dismayed by pornography.

I hold in great esteem those specialists who strive to further our understanding of the world through observation and contemplation. Thanks to them, the picture of our past, though still somewhat blurry, has slowly come into focus. Over 14 billion years, from the beginning of the universe to the present moment, a great deal has happened through a series of rather complicated chain reactions. I can’t possibily learn all the details in my lifetime, instead I read summaries in an effort to develop my own general model.

I often find myself at odds with the irrational beliefs and behaviours of my fellows and the restrictions they place upon me. I think that nudity is a natural state in which we are all born. What a strange idea indeed to be ashamed of one’s body, to feel the need to hide it, and to be outraged by the nakedness of others! Similarly, I reject the taboos around sexuality. I refuse to censor my speech and conform to the general opinion. I wish that I could move freely from country to country, and I wish the same for everyone. I think that supernatural phenomonen such as religion, astrology, divination and so forth are all wonderfully fascinating and completely groundless. There is no fate, our future is our own to decide. I treat women as equals. I abhor violence, cruelty, war, and megalomania. I distrust the police and military. I’m against the death penalty, and possibly against prisons too. I believe that we have too many laws, and that the legal system is out of control. I wish that the government wouldn’t spy on me. I wish that we could mediate on issues and find consensus collectively, without the need to elect so-called leaders.

I take my time. I live slowly and think long term. I ride my bicycle or take the train instead of driving. It saddens me to see the continued construction of motorways when we know full well the oil is going to run out. Nuclear energy is awfully toxic. I am in favour of contraception and small families because humans are already far too numerous for the planet’s carrying capacity.

I’m quite fond of old European towns, with their narrow winding streets, stone walls and idiosyncratic architecture. More recently I’ve discovered the charms of living out in the countryside, working remotely over an internet connection.

I am fluent in English and French, and I am currently learning Spanish. I am favourable towards the idea of creating a new global auxiliary language for all humanity. I like the idea that each person who has an internet connection can create a web site and share their own ideas with the world.

I spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about maps, modern and old. I’m not exactly sure why, but I really like spatiality. Also, trains and to a lesser extent, trams, as well as railroads, especially 19th century railroads but also high-speed lines. When I was younger I used to play video games, but now I spend more time having adventures in real life.

I’d like to lead a long and healthy life. I don’t fear old age and death, I accept them as a normal part of life. Once I feel that my health has gone and the end is near, I would like to choose the time and place of my own death and die with dignity.

Dreams, creation, love, sex, play, food, conversation, sunshine and sea air, these are the things of wonder.